ubs_regular_rgb_44_69x180UBS offers leading wealth management, investment banking and asset management services in Australia with a comprehensive range of products and services including financial planning, discretionary and advisory portfolio construction advice and execution – across equities, fixed income, cash and alternative asset classes. Through the global reach of UBS, Australian clients can access all major international securities markets, and can hold assets or liabilities in 15 currencies.

Our extensive experience and understanding of origination, research, distribution, trading and risk management enables us to deliver innovative and tailored client-focused solutions.  UBS Wealth Management offers personalised services that address complex domestic and multi-jurisdictional financial situations and provide access to world-wide network of independent external financial advisors.

To speak directly to a client advisor, contact:

U192-0360Andrew Jeffery
Ph: 02 9324 3587
Mob: 0411 251 767




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